The Charisma and Beauty of Tanzanite Rings


Jewels are undeniably gorgeous creations. They can symbolize a couple’s loyalty to each other, someone’s status in society, and much more. The history of these stones is as rich as their appearance, although there are some gems that have appeared on the scene more recently than others. Let’s explore some of the rarer stones I’ve talked about in this post.

Tanzanite is a gemstone that has only been around since 1967. It was discovered back in 1967 in Tanzania, hence its name. According to, the first near-colourless variety of the gem was discovered by Harry Winston’s gemologist, Brian Boggs, who lived and worked in Tanzania. Mr Boggs was flown by Harry Winston to examine this incredible raw material, which later became known at the “…Winston Blue…And now, Tanzanite is one of the world’s most popular gems with an annual production of about 20 tons and recent market values of over $1,000 per carat.

The most sought after

I first saw tanzanite rings at PurpleMay Jewellery last year, and the stone captivated me from the start. It was lust at first sight, and I have been enraptured by them ever since. But then why aren’t all people running out to buy a tanzanite ring? Why is it so highly sought after that there is often a year or more wait for its creation? A tanzanite ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery, but it is more than just a pretty rock. The brilliance and striking contrasts created by tanzanite make it an incredibly impressive gemstone to wear. This stone’s deep shades of blue with purple undertones against its silver-like sheen are quite stunning.

Vibrant colours

Tanzanite is a stone that exhibits a variety of colours. Many jewellers add to the delightfully vibrant colours exhibited by tanzanite by including other gemstones in the ring design. Tanzanite is an appealing stone because it is harder than diamonds and has a high refractive index (a measurement of how much light bends when passing through a gemstone). It also has small flashes of violet, red, blue, or green.

Tanzanite is discussed as an important component of a daric ring. Daric gold rings were once common in Persian jewellery. They were often inlaid with emeralds and diamonds. The daric ring was reserved for the kings of this ancient civilization.


A special gift

Tanzanite rings are a particularly lovely gift for our beloved. These make a good token of remembrance. Tanzanite stands for strength & beauty. The versatility of tanzanite jewellery makes it an excellent choice of fashion accessories that wear like no other gemstone. There’s something about the classic design of tanzanite rings, especially the ones with silver bands, that makes it the right choice for any occasion.

This rare and precious stone can also be appreciated as a diamond substitute if you are looking for budget engagement rings. A tanzanite ring is simply a breathtaking sight to observe. Its sophistication and gorgeous shine make it the correct choice on your big day or show someone how much they mean to you.