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The Psychology of Cleanliness: 4 Things a Messy Room Says About You

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If you are surrounded by mess, it can be overwhelming when it comes to knowing where to start with your cleanup and if you wanted proof that you are not alone in feeling this way, you only have to look at services such as to understand that we all sometimes need help with clearing the clutter from time to time.

Here are some pointers on the psychology of cleanliness and what you can learn from the chaos that might be all around you, plus some suggestions for making positive changes.

When messy is normal

When messy is normal
You can sometimes be invited to another person’s house and the first thing you notice is how clean and tidy their home is compared to yours.

Some people simply can’t abide untidiness and need order and uniformity to allow them to relax, whereas others don’t place much of a premium on keeping everything clean and organized.

The point about these two extremes is that your personality might be such that you find messiness is habitual and it doesn’t worry you that much.

Where it becomes a problem is if you don’t like clutter but someone you are living when doesn’t share the same view or sense of priority about keeping things neat.

If the mess doesn’t bother you it is fine, but if you feel frustrated or angry about the mess this should be taken as an indicator that something maybe needs to change.

A change of habit

Another scenario to consider is when you find that having a messy room is a new phenomenon to you and not how you used to be.

If you are normally someone who is ordinarily neat and organized in everything you do, including your home, there may be an underlying reason why the mess has started to accumulate.

It can be the case that messiness could be a sign that you are feeling depressed or suffering from fatigue, meaning you don’t want to face cleaning up or don’t feel like you have the energy to do so.

If you suspect that a messy room is a sign of something that needs sorting in your life, such as depression, take the hint and think about getting some professional help.

Creative thinkers tend to be messy

Creative thinkers tend to be messy
You can’t really point to one famous person and use it as an overwhelming argument, but the fact that Albert Einstein was a notoriously messy person with a cluttered desk, reinforces the view that cluttered surroundings can have the effect of uncluttering your mind.

If you don’t mind working in messy surroundings there is a fair chance you might be a creative thinker and good at problem-solving.

A tidy room points to a generous nature

If you like to donate money to charity and willingly do things for others it might be that you enjoy a tidy room, but if you are a messy person it seems that you are less likely to be willing to make contributions to charity.

The fundamental point to consider is that order and disorder are a lot about what sort of person you are and it is mainly when you start behaving in the opposite way to your personality with regard to tidiness that you might want to look at why that is.

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