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The TV That Mirrors Your Lifestyle

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Mirrors can be a unique and attractive addition to any home. They are a great way to increase the amount of reflected light in the home while providing a means for making it appear as if any room is actually larger and adding to the décor of the home.

Larger mirrors provide the appearance of depth and where you decide to place a mirror can have a large impact on the overall look and feel of the room in which you’ve chosen to hang it. The reflective surface of any mirror is also an ideal way to bring attention to certain aspects of a room. Placement is key in this case, as the items you wish to enhance or spotlight must be located in some proximity to the mirror for best results.

That placement can rely upon keeping the mirror placed against a wall or even resting on top of furniture, although installing one upright onto a wall gives you the versatility to incorporate your television into the functionality of that mirror.

Wait a minute, what does your television have to do with any of this? Glad you asked, because the mirror in your home can also do double duty as a fully functioning television…and vice versa. The use of mirrors in the décor strategies of today’s home can bring about a wide array of advantages that go beyond offering the illusion that the room in which the mirror has been placed looks bigger than it really is. A mirror can also be a useful method for hiding things as well. It can be applied to any room where you have also chosen to place your television.

The way to do this is by turning your television into a mirror. You could even call it a mirror TV.

A Mirror TV Sounds Too Good to Be True

A Mirror TV Sounds Too Good to Be True
But the best part is that you can enjoy the benefits of a mirror and a television in the same room, even in the same item. That’s because you can outfit your television with a beamsplitter television mirror to match the décor and purpose of any room. You can have a mirror TV in your living room, you can have a mirror TV in your bathroom. The choice is entirely yours, all you need is the make and model of your television and the TV mirror and frame are custom made to fit.

How Does a Mirror TV Work?

How Does a Mirror TV Work
To put it simply, a mirror TV offers the best of both worlds. You can choose the location where you want a mirror to exist in any room of the home and that area now has an active television ready to watch whenever you are.

While the television is powered off, it acts as the backing of the mirror. You can look directly at it and see a full and complete reflection as you might expect to view with any standard mirror of any size.

Switch your television on and the mirror fades to reveal a clear, high-definition image from the TV located behind the mirror. There is no longer any mirrored reflection as the light from your television shines through to provide you with an uninterrupted view of the screen. It’s as if nothing were in the way at all between you and your television.

This is accomplished by way of a vanishing glass that reflects completely when the TV is off and allows for the television to be viewed without any hindrances or degradation of picture quality whatsoever. After all, you chose your television to meet all of the most technologically advanced specifications and you expect that type of performance every time you watch it.

A mirror TV is designed to continue to preserve those expectations when the television is on and when it’s been turned off.

Selecting Your Materials

Living Room With A Fireplace
So now that you know how a mirror TV works and what makes it so beneficial for you and your family, you’re very likely considering having one or more installed in your home. But before you can do any of that, you need to make some important choices as to the two main components that comprise the mirror portion of your mirror TV – the mirror material and the frame.

As mentioned before, it all starts with knowing the make and model of the television you would like to install as a mirror TV.Armed with that knowledge, you may then go about selecting the materials that are then installed based on the type of television you have and the installation method you’ve chosen for the space you have in the room of your home.

Among those materials are the mirror type you wish to have applied to the front of the television. There are multiple styles from which to choose and the best way to get the mirror material that suits you best is to request a variety of samples for you to try out at home. The same goes for the style of frame you would like to complement your mirror. Again, there are plenty of choices and it helps quite a bit to get a chance to view the ones you prefer most up close and in person.

Once you’ve decided on your materials, you will then decide on the installation method that works best for the TV you have and the room you want it in. Everything is manufactured and then shipped to your home and regardless of whether your TV is placed on a wall mount that tilts, swings, or remains flat at all times, your mirror and frame will be customized to the mount you’ve selected.

When it’s all ready, your mirror material and your frame are slipped over your television. You don’t even need to dismount your TV, it’s all done with very little inconvenience or adjustment to the existing configuration of the television.

A mirror TV brings about all of the benefits of a beautiful mirror and a high-definition television in one beautiful unit.

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