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Three Unspeakable Truths about Female Sexuality

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Chances are high that what you think you know about female sexuality is completely wrong – especially when based on sciences. Two assertions are that men experience stronger libidos compared to women and that only men struggle with monogamy. Unfortunately, these assertions are more believable when you consider that female sexual desire is considered a taboo topic.

Such assertions have led to women leading a life where they have to endure their sexuality, instead of enjoying its pleasures. One way of breaking free from such assertions is by talking about the unspeakable truths about female sexuality.


While lubrication is expected to occur naturally, some women (especially the older ones) require more lubrication. For other women, sex is always better with lubrication, but this is a matter of preference. Lack of lubrication makes sex a painful experience after menopause due to vaginal dryness, which can be addressed by over the counter lubricants.

At the same time, it’s critical that your partner appreciates the critical role lubrication plays in having a contented sexual experience. Couples are encouraged to discuss the best way to achieve lubrication, which includes more foreplay and application of a personal lubricant during intercourse.

It’s widely believed that women experiencing painful intercourse require more arousal. However, this may not be the case because some women experience more discomfort when aroused or partially aroused. Due to this, it is advisable to use lubrication as a means of protecting yourself against pain.

Sexual Boredom

Sexual Boredom
Like men, women also experience bouts of sexual boredom – even if that may be a hard pill to swallow! Sexual boredom in women may be based on biology, but it is also because sex starts in the mind before travelling downward – never the other way round. For instance, you are less likely to experience sexual arousal if you are feeling too guilty, worried, or responsible for your partner.

In addition, you cannot get turned on if you are feeling inferior or rejected – states of mind that are detrimental to sexual excitement. In addition, it is common in long-term relationships for the burning passion to inevitably fade naturally. One way of combating this sexual plateau is by being honest with your partner and addressing issues that are likely affecting your sex life.

Another way of combating sexual boredom is by spicing things up in the bedroom, including putting on enticing garments from stores like At the same time avoid being in lust painkillers, like porn and other people, into your relationship. In fact, bringing more people into the relationship does not help increase intimacy – it becomes a simple matter of chasing a physical high.

Learn How to Receive Pleasure

One of the best ways of improving a woman’s sexual experiences is if she takes the time to learn how to receive pleasure, instead of acquiring new pleasure-giving skills. Looking around, you’ve likely seen millions of courses that teach women how to please men. This is something that is tightly embedded into the culture and goes back many years.

While modern aisles are full of videos and books on how men can please women, it is the time women also learn to enjoy sex. The partner should make a night all about his partner, without expecting anything back. In other words, his pleasure is her pleasure!

As opposed to just giving, the woman should receive. While it may sound revolutionary for some, it’s time for women to simply lay back and be pleasured.


One way of dealing with these unspeakable truths is for the couple to talk about them. In the course of their discussion, they will finally break down the barriers to achieving true female sexuality.

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