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Tips for Choosing a Live Band

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From a corporate event to a wedding or bar mitzvah, whatever your event might be, a live band can add excitement and energy that a DJ simply cannot do. Despite this, choosing the wrong band can seriously ruin a good party. Rather than risk choosing the wrong band, take a few steps to make sure the live band that you hire will set the mood and support an incredible memory for all involved.

Know your audience

You might be very interested in screamo music and pick an amazing metal band that you are interested in. This might be a great band for you, but if your crowd is not interested in that type of music, it will put a serious damper on the party. Picking a band that is in the interest of your audience is incredibly important. Think about the general demographic and put aside your personal preferences for the night.

Consider the style of your event

Pick a band that will work with you

Are you hosting a cocktail hour or maybe a birthday party? You would not choose a violinist for a Superbowl party, so make sure to pick a band that goes with the style of your party. One great option for any party is one that will have people on their feet, dancing and moving.

Know your budget

The music is incredibly important when choosing a band, but you also need to be able to afford it! If you plan to have dancing, then you will need to hire a band willing and able to perform these songs.
Perform an in-person interview

When hiring a band, you should always do an in-person interview. This way you will be able to ask them important questions but also get a feel for how they handle suggestions. In this meeting, you can also get a sense of their energy.

Listen to some samples ahead of time

Before an interview or hiring process can occur, make sure you have heard some samples of their music. This will give you an idea of the band you might hire and help you make a general decision.

Pick a band that will work with you

Consider the style of your event

Although they are the artists, it is still your event. Make sure that when choosing a live band, they also consider your wants and needs. Having a band that is committed to helping you with your event goals is the type of band you want to hire.

Pick a theme

You should pick a theme for your party to allow the band to work around it. Instead of jumping around from one genre to the next, this will make the event flow in better harmony.

Hire a band with heart and soul

The worst type of party is one that has a lifeless band. Not only is musical talent important, but when you choose a live band, you need to feel their heart and soul. If you are looking for a high-energy band that specializes in weddings, corporate events, and celebrations, contact Shaded Soul Band, a New England Live Band.

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