Tips For Maintaining Electric Gates

Electric Gates

Once seen as a luxury item for the extraordinarily wealthy, electric gates are now commonplace on homes both large and small. Providing good security to the home, while preventing children and animals from running out into the road, they are also a great investment, which adds value to the property. One concern that had held many buyers back is the cost of repairs when things go wrong, through gates, as all things mechanical don’t rack up big repair bills when they are properly cared for. After all, you wouldn’t go 100,000 miles in your car without an oil change, because you know you would be inviting damage and the gates are essentially the same.

Choose a Reliable Supplier

Choose a Reliable Supplier
This advice might be coming a little late if you have already purchased your electric gates, but it is one of the most important things to get right from the start. Price is often a major factor in choosing your supplier, but it is worth checking out what their warranty covers, along with the length of the manufacturer’s guarantee. You can often find such information on the company website of firms like, a leading supplier. Having the gate professionally installed and aligned can save many headaches in the months and years to come.

Keep It Clean

Electric gates, when they are first installed, look great and they will stay that way for a very long time if you spend a little time and energy looking after them. Very few people would buy a new car and never get it washed, because they appreciate the build-up of dirt and dust can tarnish the aesthetic looks. Gates need to be given a wash and wax from time to time, in much the same way, to keep them shiny and prevent them from rusting. Cleaning the runners at the same time is highly advisable as stones or twigs can quickly cause excessive wear and tear if not removed. At the first sign, your gate is not running perfectly smoothly, an immediate check of the runners for such obstructions is likely to prevent any long-term damage.


Moving parts on anything mechanical need a little love, which comes in the form of some lubrication. Checking the handbook for the gate to find the correct lubrication for each area is a really good idea. If you are unsure, try in general to avoid grease components, while a quick call to your installer will undoubtedly provide you with the right advice. Assuming of course, you chose the right installer, to begin with anyway.

DIY Repair

DIY Repair
An electric gate in one way is a very simple piece of equipment, though it is designed to be put together and operate in a very precise manner. Unless you are absolutely sure that you have correctly identified precisely what the problem is and are certain that you can remedy it in short order, taking some advice on board first from a professional is a really smart move, and generally freely given. Be ready with all of the right information, including the precise type of gate, and any little unusual noise or vibration you have noticed.

Small details may provide large answers which prevent you from simply repairing some damage and thinking it is job done when you have not identified the root cause and major problems may be just around the corner.