Tips for Making Your Airbnb More Exciting


If you run an Airbnb in Oregon, you’re probably doing pretty well for yourself. After all, Oregon is becoming more and more popular as a destination for travelers, thanks to new developments in many of Oregon’s major cities and savvy marketing by the state’s tourism and travel commission. That being said, if you aren’t regularly having guests stay at your Airbnb, you could be missing out on profit.

By taking a look at other popular listings in the area, you can start to see what sorts of amenities and features are really helping set your competitors apart from you. After doing a little digging, you may find it’s more important to prioritize certain aspects of your Airbnb than you thought. If you need a little extra help figuring out how to make your Airbnb more exciting, check out the following tips and amenities.

Offer Wi-Fi and entertainment.

Nowadays, more and more travelers are demanding wireless internet access, and if you don’t offer it you may be losing out on Airbnb reservations.

There are plenty of companies that offer internet for rural areas, meaning that in this day and age you have no excuse not to offer high-speed internet at your Airbnb. Finding a company that specializes in rural internet service may be the difference between you booking more guests. From companies in Canada to ones in the United States, businesses exist to help make it easier for you to get your guests online.

Part of the benefit of offering internet access to anyone staying at your Airbnb is the wealth of entertainment it offers them when they curl up at night to go to sleep after a day experiencing your city. Beyond reading the news, streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and now HBOMax are becoming more and more popular as ways to unwind.

Consider purchasing a few of these subscriptions for your Airbnb, so that guests don’t have to worry about forgetting to log out of their accounts at the end of their stay. You’ll be grateful to have high-speed internet to support the streaming of this kind of content, and it’s a small monthly price to pay to get your Airbnb more attention.

Invest in nicer appliances.

Invest in nicer appliances.
Although your guests are likely to be dining in the area around you Airbnb during their stay, having nice appliances illustrates that you take care of your unit. When guests are looking at photos of different Airbnbs online while they plan their trip, they may choose a similarly-priced unit with more attractive appliances, even if they don’t plan on using them. This is because of the feeling that an updated apartment or house gives someone staying there.

At the very least, you should look into repairing your existing appliances and making sure that they’re in good working order. Nobody wants to return with a lot of leftovers from a delicious dinner only to find out that the refrigerator isn’t working properly. Finding someone that specializes in appliance repair in Bend OR or a nearby city can help you keep all the appliances in your Airbnb in tip-top shape.

If you do decide to invest in upgrading your appliances, those same appliance repair companies will be able to help you extend the life of each of your appliances with proper maintenance and repairs. This ultimately saves you much more money in the long run, and could even pay for itself when you consider all the new guests you’ll be attracting each year.

Offer perks for staying at your Airbnb.

One of the best things about staying at a DoubleTree Inn is getting a delicious cookie when you check-in! You can offer similar parks to your Airbnb guests by leaving them snacks and soda in the pantry and fridge. While not every guest will choose to partake in these sorts of goodies, just having coffee and other items available can show your guests that you really care about them. Remember that as an Airbnb host you need to focus on generosity and hospitality — investing $20 a week in a few sundries could be an investment that quadruples the value of your home when the positive reviews start rolling in!

Take great photos.

Take great photos.
One of the easiest ways to increase interest in your Airbnb is to make sure that you’re taking photos that really capture the feeling of staying in your home. Without high-quality photos, it can be hard for potential customers to fully understand all the selling points of your home. You may even want to include photos of the surrounding area, and switch photos seasonally if you have beautiful autumn vistas when the leaves change.

Nowadays, iPhones take high-resolution photos, but you’ll probably want an iPhone photo manager in order to keep your Airbnb photos organized and separate from other photos on your phone. A platform like ibi offers terabytes of photo and video storage that syncs across devices and accounts. This makes it easier than ever to keep all of your photos in one place, thanks to cloud-based technology.