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Declutter Your House

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Tips On How To Declutter Your House

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There are a lot of reasons that you may want to declutter. The most common is to want to have a better-looking house. The minimalistic approach is perhaps one of the trends that are starting to take its roots this 2019. When you go for a minimalistic setting for your house, you can’t expect not to declutter.

Decluttering is also done when you decide to move to a new place where there is less space. This process is called downsizing. The best way to declutter is to do it in an organised and systematic way. This means that you should focus on one room first before moving onto the next. A common mistake in decluttering is people try to undertake all the tasks at once. This becomes way too heavy of an effort and may even be dangerous for you and your items.


You would want to complete the job before you take on the next. This will also help motivate you to continue decluttering as you will see a visible improvement in each room.
Before you start the process, you should have four boxes for your items. These boxes will have different uses for you. Label each box so you don’t get confused.

Storage Facility

Decluttering will reveal that your house has tons of items that are just taking up important space in your house. These items do not need to be in your house. Some of these are sentimental items like photo albums and baby stuff. At the same time, there are also items that may still be of use in the future so we cannot throw them out.

Renting a storage facility would be the best way for you to have storage space. Getting a storage facility would also be cheaper than renting a bigger house just so you can store items inside.

Get more light in

Get more light in

Many times just allowing more natural sunlight into a room can help it feel more open. Move items that maybe blocking light and fresh air from entering your room. Make use of cheap ready made roman shades to allow more light in while keeping your privacy. Many times trying to save money by doing them yourself ends up costing more in the time and money involved trying to get them done just right.

Throwing Away

This box should have the most stuff. When you decide to declutter, you are also deciding to get rid of your unnecessary items. The best way to do this is to throw them out. If you don’t see any use to it, just throw them away. An example of this is any broken appliances or items that you’ve been meaning to “DIY Repair” Be sure that you throw out your waste properly. Learn to segregate and recycle if available.


Raid your closet for any old clothes that you don’t want or won’t fit anymore. Give your items a second life by donating them to people who are more in need. Not only are you helping out in the community but you are also creating more space for your closet which you can use for spontaneous shopping sprees. Ask around your local church or government centre if there are families or orphanages that may need your used clothes. A hand-me-down may not be that much of value for you but for some, it will make their day.

To Sell

When you declutter, you can decide to sell any items that you have which are still of value. Hosting a garage sale is probably one of the best ways to declutter. Not only will you be able to earn a bit of cash you will also be able to let go of a lot of items like old appliances. This will also allow you to save up some cash that you can use to buy new appliances.

Going back to the decluttering process, you would want to do it in an orderly fashion. Here is a chronological list of rooms that you can follow when you decide to declutter.



Start with the dirtiest although probably the easiest room as it only has a small area: the bathroom. Your makeup and medicine cabinet can be the first place you start with. When you declutter, it is easy to lose motivation. That is why you should do the easy tasks first to feel a sense of achievement. Throw away your expired medicine and makeup as it’s not safe for you to store them still. Do a general cleaning to make sure that not only is it free from clutter but also clean.



The first thing you should do is to make your bed. From there, you should start raiding your nightstands and closets. Remove anything that doesn’t fit into your room decor. We all have a chair with used clothes on them. Bedrooms are also filled with piles of jewellery, pens, broken items, etc. Buy an organizer box for your stuff.

Fix your closet and get rid of your unused clothes. Any article of clothing that you are not using can be of use to other people.



Your kitchen will be filled with half-empty bottles of spices, week-old leftovers, and broken/unused appliances. Make sure to clear out everything especially the food as it may become a health hazard for you and your family.

Living Room

Living Room

Lastly, the living room is the hardest to declutter as this will require some serious deciding on how you want it to look. Just adding or removing some items will change the entire design of your room. The motif and decor also need to be coordinated with.

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