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Relaxing Weekend


Tips on How to Enjoy a Super Relaxing Weekend

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The weekend is a fantastic lifeline for anyone juggling long hours at work and a handful of demanding responsibilities.

Sadly, those two days can bring about the anxiety of going back to work on Monday. But if you plan out your weekend correctly, you’ll have enough time to rest and re-energize for the week ahead.

Instead of the usual routine of binge drinking and TV, I’ll show you incredible ways to spice up your weekend.

So, here are 7 amazing tips to prolong those 48 hours without spending the entire time slumped on the couch.

7 Ways To Actually Relax And Have Fun During The Weekend
1. Sleep well

Just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean you should ruin your sleeping pattern. If anything, you should have enough rest if you want to wake up jazz in the morning.
Beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom
Unless you’re planning to go clubbing, get your 6-8 hours of rest without fail.

2. Start with boring chores

It’s best to work on odious tasks in the morning when you’re excited and energized.

So, instead of catching up on your favourite series, spare that time to clear the dishes, vacuum the carpets or arrange the kitchen cabinets.

3. Try different brunch recipes

There is no better time to upgrade your breakfast options than on Saturday Morning. Skip the usual pancakes and omelettes, and whip up a delicious brunch instead.

You can prepare mimosas, cream-filled croissants, oven-roasted mushrooms, or a bagel casserole. In addition to that, you can make different smoothies to keep you refreshed during the day.

4. Stay off social media

If you’re committed to having a super relaxing weekend, you need to spend less time on your phone and social media. Instead of checking your notifications, use that time to enjoy a soothing bath or indulge in your favourite signature cocktail.
Stay off social media

5. Be alone

If your house is abuzz with activities, find a quiet place where you can spend some alone time to clear your thoughts and relax your mind. You can take a walk, hit the gym, or listen to music.
Or even better, you can lounge at the patio with your Long White Vapour e-juice and enjoy some personal vaping time.

6. Try not to think about work

Thinking about Monday can be depressing and ruin the chances of you having any fun during the weekend. To help you stop obsessing about work, invite a couple of friends over or go out on a date.
Make sure you indulge in a stimulating activity that drowns any temptation of worrying about work.

7. Forget TV

Instead of spending hours watching TV, why not hit the cinema?
Forget TV
By going to the cinema, you get to switch your list of movies for a breathtaking experience of 3D. Even without 3D, you’ll still have fun and avoid the temptation to lazy around in the house.

Plus, with a couple of friends, you can make it a group activity and use it as a perfect opportunity to fit in different fun activities after the movie.

Parting shot

Are you tired of feeling groggy and bored on the weekend?

If so, these tips will help you make the most of your 48 hours without dreading the Sunday blues.
With practice, you’ll learn how to squeeze in more fun into the weekend and have enough energy to tackle the weekday.

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