Top 10 Home Interior Trends of 2020


‘Home interior’, we say this word and the first thing that comes to your mind is a suitably arranged, beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing place. Mostly, by the word ‘house’, we usually mean to refer to how it appears from the outside, i.e. the exterior. But it is the interior that catches the attention of a visitor as soon as they step inside your home.

As the famous saying goes ‘the first impression is the last impression’, it is the first glimpse and the gaze at something that helps build a meaningful impression. Your guests want to wander around the house, show a keen interest in what is inside it and express their desire to have a similar interior arrangement at their place.

Especially, if you have a special guest coming over, such as your boss who is coming to visit you for the first time, or a loved one whose presence you treasure and want to cherish the beautiful moments spent with them in your home, then you would want to make it not just beautiful or appealing, but also trendy and up to date.

That is why it is important to be abreast of the latest trends. These are focused primarily on the arrangements to make it as spacious and up to date as possible. We can do so with the right use of portable furniture, removable wallpaper, lighting, etc. Let’s look at some of the other home interior trends aimed at beautifying the home and giving it the look, you want.

The Vintage Look

The Vintage Look
If you want to come up with a brilliant interior design idea, then think out of the box. To do so, you ought to choose an idea that is nonconventional. Whether it be a few spindles or spooled legs, opting for some vintage or classical idea can turn heads and get your home the attention it deserves. However, going for vintage does not mean that it should be set up everywhere around the demonstrated; a few items of classical furniture here and there can do the job too.

Wallpaper Styles

When you are inside a home, one of the things that you constantly notice is the walls. So walls should not be just walls, but the center of attention and surprises for the guests. This can be done simply by installing floral wallpapers, which are expected to stay among the trends for a long time due to their aesthetic and visual appeal.

Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is one of the places where we usually head towards right after entering the home, so it must be designed at its optimum. Nowadays, kitchen styles come in a lot of variety and can give your home a vibrantly visual appeal. To give your kitchen a trendy look, you can opt for wooden frames, drawers, and cabinets to upgrade its appearance.

Beds and Beddings

Beds have a pivotal role to play in enhancing your home’s appearance. Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time. A trendy yet comfortable bedroom has very positive energy to itself and it can reenergize and reinvigorate you. A nonconventional idea for 2020 that is worth mentioning is a canopy bed as it can transform the overall look of your bedroom.

When choosing a canopy bed, it is advisable to opt for a customized option by choosing from the many options available online. In addition to the bed, you can choose the right bed fabric to give it a comprehensive vintage look.

Touch of Nature

Touch of Nature
We are always attracted to things that remind us of nature and make us feel close to it. This is the reason that plants, herbs, and vases always add value to the interior of a house. But what is trendier and is bound to stay for long are real plants! However, remember to choose these according to the existing colour tone of your house. You can also consult an interior expert to ensure that you place the decorative items in the right numbers and settings.

Art and Craft

The value of wall portraits and pictures can never be ignored as far as your home’s appearance is concerned. Contrary to the common perception, you do not have to buy only renowned pictures or artefacts. Instead, choose what would make you feel good and energized every time you look at the items. Remember to choose the right colours for the pictorial frames so you can match them with the colour of the furniture or decorative items in your home.


The idea of traditional bathtubs is becoming a thing of the past. Playing around a little with the structure and placement of the bathtub can give your bathroom a new trendy look. Speaking of trendy, standalone or free-standing bathtubs are fast gaining popularity and are predicted to be one of the top trendy items of 2020.

Portable Items

Any modern look is incomplete without cashing in on the trendiest portable styles of today. Mostly available in furniture items, such as chairs, tables, stools, ironing boards, and even beds, these portable items are something new to try and contribute to making your spaces multifunctional. With these items, you can achieve your dream of making your home spacious even if you do not have a large place to accommodate all the desired stuff.

Bearing the Weather

When it comes to the appearance and visual appeal of your house, then your exterior also has a lot of importance. In terms of making it trendier, opt for an exterior that is both aesthetic and weather resistant. After all, even a perfect interior is of no use if it cannot bear the harshness of the weather from the outside. Adding some trendy window shades and coverings on the roof can transform the overlook look of your house.

Diverse Colors

Diverse Colors
A lack of colours or wrong selection of the tone can undermine the entire look of your interior. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the colours that match the existing look of your home. Navy blue, shades of pink and even grey are not just good choices, but these are also trendy as far as the year 2020 is concerned. You can play around with the colour themes to give your lounge, kitchen, and bedroom the right and modern look.


If you are a person who loves to be up to date, then following some of the aforementioned styles and ideas is worth the effort. At the end of the day, you would love a look that does not just provide comfort, but also a state-of-the-art appearance. Implementing such an idea may seem a bit difficult at first, so it is better to apply one at a time while preferring simplicity over complexity. This will also help bring your uniqueness in the design as you take steps to give your place a whole new look.