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Polaris Ranger


Top 3 Mods for Polaris Ranger

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Whether you just purchased your side-by-side or you’re gearing up for a fun-filled weekend in your classic ride, here’s a few items to add to your wishlist. You can never have enough mods, and these top three mods are designed to improve your comfort, safety and your overall UTV performance. Take off in your Polaris Ranger with these aftermarket genuine Polaris Ranger parts.

Folding Windshield

Instead of spending your entire week checking the weather forecast and worrying about a little rain, upgrade your Ranger with a Quadboss folding windshield. These rugged windshields are easy to store when you want to feel the wind. Once the weather takes a turn for the worst, simply open it up and stay dry.
Folding Windshield
Check to be sure you select the proper windshield size for your Ranger. Quadboss makes a few different sizes, so don’t be caught with the wrong windshield. There are other folding windshield options out there, but this one is easy to use and uses durable .177 thick polycarbonate for long-lasting protection.

The Right Gear

Once you upgrade to a folding windshield, you’ll have many opportunities to feel the breeze. On the other hand, you’ll also have more opportunities to catch a face full of bugs and bitter wind while flying through mud pits. The best way to prepare for any weather and stay comfortable all day long is to choose the best UTV and best atv riding gear online.

Just like your bike or ATV, your side-by-side doesn’t offer the same level of protection that you’re used to in your truck or SUV. Don’t let a cool breeze dampen your day, but check out these all-weather and race-ready accessories to keep insulated on cool days and wick away moisture on hot ones. Here are just a few must-haves in your UTV:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Riding jacket
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Gloves

Whether you grab a half-helmet and hit the road or splurge on a complete set of racing gear, you’ll be glad for every piece of gear you have if you hit rocky, mud-soaked trails and a cool breeze. Wearing ATV gear on your side-by-side offers you the same level of flexibility and protection that you’re used when riding an ATV. You’ll not only stay safe and warm, but you’ll also look the part and feel like a pro every time you step into your Ranger.

New Suspension

New Suspension
Finally, if you’re looking for a DIY project, upgrade your UTV suspension system before your next ride. While your Ranger comes with a generous amount of lift and rugged shocks, some trails require far more clearance to avoid bottoming-out on a boulder. Shop for premium options and consider the amount of lift and travel you need. The best suspension systems are adjustable, so you can tailor each trip.

From affordable OEM parts to the latest UTV and street motorcycle riding gear, the best place to shop for your favourite mods is a dedicated online store. Don’t waste time looking for items that may be out of stock in a brick-and-mortar store. Search for parts specifically for your Polaris Ranger and hit the road.

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