Top 5 Financial Hacks to Consolidate Debt in a More Convincing Way

Becoming rich is a dream for all of us, but to achieve the desired amount of money in our bank accounts, we have to cross a lot of hurdles. We make savings from our daily expenses as much as possible. At the end of the day, we want to become financially strong. Savings from regular expenses are important. But, at the same time, you need to find ways to make savings to grow. For example, keeping money in banks will fetch you interest on saving. As a result, your wealth will grow with the advent of time. To become wealthy, saving money is just the first step. The next crucial step is to find proper scopes for money investment.

The investment should be secured and effective. Ideally, an investment should make your invested money grow two times as early as possible. Many investment options are unsecured or volatile. For example, investing in share trading is considered a volatile investment. Instead of share market investment, you can consider investing in bank savings so that your money can stay secure. It is notable that volatile investments also come with greater money-making opportunity in short time frame.

Starting investment is a matter of habit. If you think that you shall invest from tomorrow, you shall never be able to achieve that. You need to start it from today. To start planning for investments, you would find the following financial hacks to be highly useful. So, check them out in the following section.

1. Focus on Paying Your Credit Card Debts

Focus on Paying Your Credit Card Debts

Planning to invest money in monthly investment schemes could be difficult for you if you are facing the burden of debt. You need to get rid of your debt as early as possible. If you have a high amount of debt to repay, you can follow the tips that are furnished in the following section.

  • Zero Interest Credit Card: Many banks offer zero interest credit cards these days. Having such credit cards is always helpful for everyone, especially for those who are facing a high amount of debt. With zero interest credit, you can pay all your debts. As a result, you do not have to pay high monthly interest. Once all debts are consolidated into one, you shall find it easier to save money for your future investments.
  • Reduce Monthly Expenses: Slashing off your monthly luxury expense budget will help you to achieve excellent opportunity for saving money. We make a lot of luxury expenses. For example, eating out outside with family, weekend vacations, etc. You can reduce such things to save money which can be invested in various investment schemes for your better future.
  • Set Monthly Budget: For monthly expenses, you need to set a fixed budget. Having a fixed budget will help you to make expenses more systematically. Systematic saving will help you to get rid of your debt faster. Eventually, you will be free from the burden of debt, and you shall also become ready to make investments in various schemes for investment.

2. Dealing with the Student Loan

Dealing with the Student Loan

Ideally, savings for investment have to be done right at the beginning stage of a professional career. It helps a person to achieve retirement goals easily. As a result, the person can take quick voluntary retirement, if desired. But, things do not happen in this way in most of the cases. Student loan often emerges as the barrier in such savings planning. So, you need to strategize the payment of the student loan premiums meticulously. Most of the people go for monthly premium setup, though experts would advise you to choose bi-weekly setup for the payment of the premiums. To know more, you can check debt settlement reviews.

Interestingly, the bi-weekly payment setup will make you debt free in a quick time frame. As per the calculations, you can get debt free 13 months earlier than when you choose to pay premiums on a monthly basis. Another important thing is there, and that is reduced interest payment when chose bi-weekly premiums. For a loan of $30,000, you can save $1422 as interest to be paid. So, bi-weekly student loan premium is a meticulous decision to start making savings for investment at the earliest.

3. Asking Bank to Lower the Fees

Asking Bank to Lower the Fees

Banks, where you maintain financial accounts, charge certain amounts as fees or commissions for giving you certain services. Now, you need to check your last year’s bank statement carefully. Not all fees that you pay to the bank look quite convincing. Some of the fees are totally confusing, and you probably would not be able to figure out the reason for paying such fees. In such cases, you can contact your bank manager and ask him to lower your fees. It is possible in most of the cases, especially when you come up with strong logic to back your demand for lowering the fees. It will save some money for you, and this small saving can go into meticulous investment schemes.

4. Roth IRA for Retirement Savings

Instead of regular retirement saving scheme, most of the people choose to go for the Roth IRA savings scheme. It is beneficial in many ways for investors. In the following section, some of those benefits are highlighted.

  • It assures you tax-free income after retirement.
  • Roth IRA comes with flexible saving premiums or plans.
  • With a conventional IRA scheme, you cannot invest after 70.5 years of age. Roth IRA allows you to invest even after that age.
  • The best long term retirement saving plan for everyone.

5. Paying the Mortgage Debt

Paying the Mortgage Debt

Commonly, people choose to buy property when they become steady earner. For most of the people, a mortgage loan is the best method of buying a house. However, due to the mortgage premium on a monthly basis, people cannot go for savings for future investments. At this stage, meticulous financial planning is required. You need to pay the mortgage debt as early as possible. At the initial stage, you can choose to go for higher premiums on a monthly basis. It will help you to save paying higher interest. At the same time, the loan will be paid at the earliest.
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