Top Amazing Health Benefits of Guava


Facts have shown that guava is one of the most popularly-consumed fruits. Averagely, guava’s consumption occupies ¼ fruit consumption in many Asian countries. What’s more, thanks to considerable improvement in the technological system, guava’s popularity spreads in several Western nations. Scientifically, guava is related to a fruit of pear which is covered by green colour.


In addition to the function as a delicious dessert, guava is packed with so many incredible health-improving abilities. This is attributed to the fact that guava is an abundant source of many essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.
In this article, the author focuses on the top 7 beneficial health benefits of guava which have been proved instantly by scientific studies.

1. Heart Health

It is such a big mistake if we don’t mention guava’s capacity for improving cardiovascular health excellently. To be more detailed, guava can do good at decreasing blood lipid levels as well as keeping blood pressure in check, making it one of the most healthy fruit for heart health. In fact, guava is a powerhouse of potassium – a factor which is responsible for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Therefore, it is easy to understand that guava intake can assist in preventing several heart-related issues. More than this, vitamin C in guava is beneficial for correcting small blood vessels. At the same time, lycopene in guava is famous for regulating high blood pressure – a dangerous thing which can increase the risk of going down with heart issues.  Therefore, let’s start a habit of drinking guava leaf tea every day for the sake of your heart health.

2. Weight Loss


No one can deny that they are always dreaming about an ideal body shape with a satisfactory weight number. However, the bad lifestyle in combination with a poor diet may easily cause people to gain weight without control. Therefore, people don’t hesitate to pour a considerable amount of money on products which are advertised to help with losing weight. Nevertheless, these goods sometimes do not meet their expectation and even lead to some unwanted side effects. Instead, let’s give some natural ingredients – especially guava – a try to fight against weight gain process. In fact, guava consumption isn’t packed with any amount of cholesterol, thus, it may help suppress appetite, foster the effectiveness of the metabolism process. It does not mention the fact that guava consists of a large amount of protein, minerals, fibre as well as vitamins, which is really beneficial for skin health.

3. Scurvy

In comparison to oranges – a wonderful fruit of essential nutrients, guava is a greater container of vitamin A and vitamin C. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that guava intake can help with solving health ailments resulting from vitamin C deficiency, especially scurry. Instead of eating guava directly, let’s try drinking a cup of guava juice each day to cultivate its effect to the fullest extent.

4. Prevent Cancer

Nowadays, cancer is one of the biggest risks which can take out the lives of people anytime. Sadly, more and more people are experiencing cancer and dying of cancer. As a result, it is important to prevent cancer right from its beginning. Among many natural foods, guava is a highlight one which can guarantee your safety from a number of cancer. Recently, scientists have conducted several studies to explore the effect of guava on cancer prevention, especially breast cancer and prostate cancer. And the results have revealed some positives changes. In particular, the use of guava oil was concluded to hinder cancer development inside the body system. And it is lycopene in guava which leads to this incredible ability. Furthermore, vitamin C found in guava is also beneficial for increasing the amount of antioxidants which can neutralize free radicals – the enemy of cancer well.

5. Diarrhoea

Thanks to the richness in the astringent factor, guava can play an essential part in the smooth function of the bowel movements. Therefore, guava consumption can support diarrhoea treatment prevention a lot. More than this, guava is a perfect combination of alkaline nature and antibacterial properties, making it an ideal solution to reduce the concentration of mucus in your intestinal system. What’s more, you can profit from numerous essential nutrients in guava, including carotenoids or potassium, to smooth the activities of the digestive system.

6. Brain Health

For anyone who may not know, it is a perfect source of vitamins B3 and B6 that results in wonderful effects of guava on the brain– one of the most important body parts. Clearly, a good functioned brain can help people to work as well as study effectively. Therefore, it is important to take care of brain health carefully. Luckily, a rich source of vitamin B3 in guava is able to promote the blood circulation to the brain, thus, enhances your cognitive function and curing dizziness. Also, guava consumption will lead to a smaller danger of getting cognitive problems, especially Alzheimer’s.

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