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Top Garden and Landscaping Trends in 2019

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This is the ideal time to create and fill your garden with life. These are the top insights from well-renowned gardening experts about plants, designs, materials and lifestyle influences. Top gardening trends include:

  • Wild And Perennial Meadows

Wild and perennial gardens are a new trend. These plants make your garden to have a loose style of planting. A more natural and less manicured garden looks good and natural. This trend is breaking major garden norms at the same time encompassing a modern and traditional look. The key to creating such a garden is to think asymmetrical. Plant the plants in your own unique way without following a set guideline. Plant the plants in a loose and less formal manner. This trend will enable you to embrace imperfections, incompleteness and asymmetry.
Wild And Perennial Meadows

  • Adult Hideaway

Tech giants like Microsoft have been for years talking about the advantages of outdoor meetings. 2019 is the best time to get the bandwagon going. A treehouse or a summerhouse is a great way to enjoy your leisure time. You can build your own hideaway that is unique to you and includes all the things you would like. You can also buy a pre-assembled structure and have it installed for you if you’re not into building one yourself. An outdoor getaway with a garden featured into it is a great way to get in touch with nature even in an urban setting. Nature is naturally calming and it can be a great place to think and meditate.

  • Eco Credentials

Plastic-free living is widely gaining momentum. This has led to switching to biodegradable materials to use for planting. You can use materials such as coconut husks, rice husks or wood chippings to make plant pots. You can also add them into the compost if their use has ended, making it a safe alternative to non-biodegradable pots. Using these will also add a more satisfying natural feel to your garden.

The garden can also be used to be a good reuse area. Household objects like plastic water bottles can be reused in the garden to make a hanging plant. This will make a bold statement about you and your need to conserve the environment.

  • Climate Changing Gardening

Planning for climate change is the new trend in gardening. Designers are now creating more ecological gardens that are able to withstand the extreme weather conditions experienced in the UK. Planting the right plants for the conditions of each garden is the way to go.
Climate Changing Gardening
The garden should also be created that it stores water and excess water is collected. It is more logical to use plants that can fend for themselves in a garden. Plants that are drought resistant are able to withstand extreme conditions and come outstanding.

Going with current garden trends is important as new trends are more efficient. A garden is a nice addition to your home and should be treated with care for it to nourish.

If you are looking to change how your garden looks, update its functionality and redesign your garden completely, you can go and visit Innovascape. The company is well-known for its landscaping services bringing comfort to your home and workplace.

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