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Top Tips for Summer Heating

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As more and more heatwaves hit our weekends, it’s only a matter of time before heat waves just become hot weather.

And it’s then that you need to rethink your heating systems. Once you become accustomed to your winter time heating patterns, it can become very easy indeed to get stuck in the routine, even if your wasting electricity. No one wants a hot house in height of summer, cool breezes and great airflow are the name of the game when it comes to sprucing up your home for the summer. As spring cleaning is undertaken throughout the next few months, maybe it’s time to freshen up the way we heat our homes as well.

Turn the heating max down

There will be times in the summer when you’ll want to keep the heating on but at a lower power. The most effective way to do this is by reconfiguring your thermostat so that the maximum temperature is lower than it would be in the winter. Whether you have a touch screen interface or a simple dial based control system for your heating, turning down the temperature maximum by a few degrees will help you to ensure an efficient home. Even if you’re rejigging the temperature for just your hallway or your living room radiator, the lower temperature will make a big difference.

Turn your heating off completely

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of sun facing windows you have, you may want to turn the heating off completely. For instance, on second floors or higher up flats, you’ll find that your rooms will get hotter because of the simple fact that heat rises. What’s more, if your home is well insulated and faces windows, the heat will be magnified in a greenhouse like an effect, making the temperature so warm that you won’t need to put the heating on at all.

Open windows for that breezy airflow

Open windows for that breezy airflow
Another great way to naturally regulate the temperature in your home is simply through opening windows. Even if just a crack, opening a window will not tempt you to turn on the air conditioning, which can be wasteful for your home’s electricity. Getting breezes into your bedroom can help to freshen the air, plus the cooler climate will mean you’ll sleep better.

Turn back the clocks on your thermostat

Or push them forward. It depends on how you are approaching it. With the sun rising earlier and setting alter, you may want to rethink what time your heating comes on during the day. During the darker hours houses get colder, so if you are in need of a burst of heat, time the thermostat to coincide with the rising and setting sun.

Shift gear with comfort and economy modes

Comfort mode usually means that the heating is higher, and is usually reserved for the winter months. If you want to ensure that your home keeps cool during the summer, you should also reconfigure your economy mode. Economy mode usually refers to the settings used in lesser frequented rooms for background heating, and should definitely be adjusted for the summer months.

Invest in an electric panel heaters

Invest in an electric panel heaters
Electric panel heaters are lightweight and great value alternatives to a radiator. Quick to heat up and plugged straight into the mains, these heaters can be used for temporary warmth if you don’t want to turn on your entire central heating system.

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