Top Wedding Bend Trends of The Year for Men


Traditionally, men did not have much choice in the selection of wedding bands. Wedding bands for men were limited to only simple rings of plain yellow or white gold. With time small diamonds were added to these bands but still, the natural ones were popular. In the present day and time, the choice of the men’s wedding bands has changed drastically. They have become more stylish to suit many different personalities. Look for your dream wedding bands for men at Joseph George Jewellery. The demand for customized bands has brought major transformation in the wedding industry. Men are also choosing wedding rings that can show and enhance their style and personality. Here are some unique trends that are ruling the men’s wedding rings this year.

Black diamonds

Whenever you hear the word diamond, the picture that comes to your mind is that of white diamonds. While these diamonds were dedicated to the woman wedding rings, men’s bands were also seen enduring them. However, this year brings a twist with the introduction of a black diamond for men’s wedding bands. These diamonds are added to the sides or edges of the rings. These diamonds are considered an understated display of style and masculinity.
Black diamonds

Mixed metal

Another exciting trend is mixing the metals. Ditching the traditional yellow and white gold, men prefer mixed metal wedding bands. These bands are an excellent way of adding personality and individuality to the bands. Most prominent combinations are stainless steel with rose gold and brushed steel with yellow gold. However, you can choose more than two metals to bring more versatility to the ring. This has brought plenty of choices in the men’s wedding bands.

Damascus steel

Damascus steel is the same material that was used in Samurai and Viking swords. This is certainly the most distinguished and revolutionary trend in the wedding band industry. These eye-popping rings come in unique patterns. They are highly durable and bring the supreme feeling of masculinity. This makes them the most desired and admired trend for men. They are overtly popular in men who have a rough life and tough jobs. The sturdiness of the rings makes them suitable for the men involved in physically challenging and fast jobs and lifestyles. Sports lovers also prefer these rings which suit their style and daily life.

Rose gold

Rose gold
Rose gold is highly popular in women’s wedding bands. But to the surprise of many, it is also greatly admired in men’s rings. This is a powerful change that has made the traditional yellow and white gold departure obvious. It is tender and romantic and gives a subtle adorning side to the masculine look. It complements the mannish strength and makes a clear statement about their love for their partner.

Natural material

Natural materials are loved by men who love nature and prefer natural elements. Natural wood is highly popular due to its strength and durability. The wooden details are incorporated and supported by the metal under and around them.

Textual details

Texture details are included to bring a freshness and contemporary feel to the traditional and classic bands. These are becoming popular in those who like the tradition with a twist of modern elements.

Personalized bands

Personalized bands
Wedding bands with personalized elements are on a rise. People like to show their favourite hobby or a special message on their wedding bands.