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Trendy Sliding Doors for Lighting

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Trendy Sliding Doors for Lighting Up A Small Space

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In order to keep up the pace with the unprecedented growth of urban houses, people struggle to find even a tiny space for living. And in this tiny space, creating an interior that doesn’t look complex but chic is almost a pipe dream. But now, modern houses have a smart option which is, installing sliding doors!

Sliding doors help in creating an illusion of one large space and also serves the purpose of a division/wall between two rooms. The struggle to renovate the small or tricky room just comes to an end with this.

We would suggest, do not limit yourself while rejuvenating your home with traditional doors of standard size. The traditional doors here means the sliding doors, which kept a lot of space unused and required efforts to close and open. Sliding fly screen doors are therefore a suitable replacement.

Such sliding doors require less space for installation and the closing and opening works with minimum efforts. Even a toddler finds it easy to shift between the rooms. Not just for room division, they can be used for your closet covering, a garden area covering, dining area covering and more.

Sliding doors are aesthetically appealing and are becoming mandatory equipment on the top list of interior designers. Let’s stride into the content that focuses on ways to use sliding door hardware systems.

Let your Hallways be free even when the doors are open:

The most common problem faced by the passerby is the collisions of the open doors. By using sliding doors, you can have multiple doors open and have access to all the rooms without collisions. The dead space is utilised in the best possible way, and hence, the travel of the door along the wall is the most prominent viable option. The sliding door is the best fit for clinics and many retail where the opening of multiple rooms is into the hallway.

Closet opening without closing the hallways:

People found it really difficult to try any new ideas with the closet, but the sliding doors will seal the final deal. They are the best fit for a coat or bathroom closet which opens up to a narrow hallway. The obstruction caused by the traditional doors thus can be mitigated, creating the best of both worlds. An added advantage of installing sliding doors is, it can be used even in the spaces with limited wall space.

Hideout Office and Kitchen features:

It often happens with all of us, that we want to hide away certain areas of kitchens or an office station when guest/clients are coming. If you have a traditional door, there are very less chances of you getting a chance for escaping out. But with sliding doors, you can go much creative and hide up the entire space by just closing the sliding.

This will create a whole new area separated from the focus room. You can use this new entire room for multiple purposes in the most elegant way. Even if you have to renovate this area or have to clean it up, you can just close the door without being a hindrance and perform your work.

Go creative with the doors:

How about decorating this sliding fly door with your shopping list, to-do list, vegetable list or a dartboard? Forgot to mention, you can also make a sliding door, white in colour, making it look premium. By installing sliding doors, you can use these create board for versatile purpose without consuming much space into your room. Also, two different boards can be hung one on the top of another and can be toggled as per the requirement. Different designs are available, have a giant corkboard, where you can also pin up your family photographs.


You can have a variety of types while installing the sliding door. Few of the options are given below:

  1. Thin Wooden Slats;
  2. Glass sliding doors;
  3. Trendy and Stylish design doors;
  4. Interior windows;
  5. Pure white sliding doors;
  6. Charming timber sliding doors;
  7. Translucent glass doors;

Sliding doors are important because they are energy-efficient, facilitate an indoor-outdoor view, provide safety, allow natural light to enter inside the house and more. The new style statement is adding values to the home and is on the top list of modern interior designs. To know more on the eye-catchy designs and application of the Sliding Fly Screens, contact an expert. It is now the right time to use your space wisely, yet beautifully.


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