Melbourne is a vast metropolis with an amazing city centre and neighbourhoods that are full of unique places. From lush parks full of greenery to tall mountain ranges, many attractions and adventuresome points are in the area where you can enjoy them to the fullest. If you’re flying from a Southeast Asian country like Malaysia, then Cathay Pacific, KLM, British Airways, and Qatar Airways offer the most comfortable direct flights. The cultural heritage along with its diversity, the huge amount of laneways, superb spots for dining experiences, and many other fun points are present around and within the city, This blog post will share with you the top 8 must-visit places in Melbourne to have a wonderful experience.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

This widespread garden comprises some 8500 species of plants and zen lakes that give visitors a breathtaking experience of seeing a part of nature to its fullest.

Melbourne is a city that’s blessed because the Royal Botanical Gardens come in its territorial area. And all this is right in the middle of the city – making it the top destination to visit on the list. Being in close vicinity, the gardens are an amazing spot for a picnic with family and friends.

Moreso, the expansive stretch of the gardens gives you that sense of privacy as you do not have to face any awkward situation in which another group bumps into yours.

Also, there are several scenic choices for a great picnic in daylight, and you guys can also hop on boats for added fun.

The Hot Air Balloon Experience

Seeing the city of Melbourne from high above the skies is an experience comparable to none other. The hot air balloon ride allows you to look at city life from a different angle.

This aerial trip is worthwhile both at night and day. However, for the most classic experience, it’s recommended you take the balloon ride during the time of dawn. And for good reason, as at this time, there aren’t a lot of people around during sunrise. But, the hard part is waking up at dawn – and you’ll notice that the early rise up for the balloon trip is truly worthwhile.

The spot where you take the start and land in your balloon after moving in the air is always uncertain and fun as the flight landing is set according to the weather conditions.

The Degraves Street

Melbourne is famous across the globe for its laneways, and Degraves Street is truly the epitome of attractions when it comes to seeing laneways and arcades. This street has a number of cafes that offer on-street dining. The Degraves lane connects flinders lane and Flinders Street. There’s something amazing to eat while dining outside restaurants on Degraves street.

The Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre

This place lies within the Melbourne Museum. The reason for developing this venue was to empower the Aboriginal people so they can interpret their cultural heritage to the visitors. A lot of people visit the museum from native Australians to travellers from across the globe.

Here you will enjoy performances based on the traditional and cultural heritage of Australia. From exhibitions to storytelling rituals and artworks, this museum is a place you cannot miss out on when you fly into Melbourne from South East Asia.

The Yarra Valley

It’s all about the breathtaking rolling green hills when you go for a visit to the Yarra Valley. Being Victora’s quality wine spot, the swaying vineyards and the old-styled farmhouses are all that’s worth seeing. The good thing is that this place is not far away, and it’ll take you only 45 minutes to an hour to reach the Yarra Valley in a car.

In the outskirts of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley has become a famous attraction for dining due to its winery restaurants that offer a mood refreshing ambience. Among the restaurants, the Maddens Rise and Rochford Wines top the list according to us.

And yes, do not miss the free tastings at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.

Australia’s First Ice Cave

It was back in the year 2018 that the Peninsula Hot Springs underwent a $12.8 million expansion. This expansion included the addition of 9 pools, a food garden, and a new ice cave.

This ice cave is the first one-of-a-kind cave in Australia, and the hot and cold therapy there is regarded as a well-known method to reduce the effects of inflammation, and soreness that puts the body in pain.

You’ll for sure have a great time lazing in the pools. Also, the ‘fire and ice’ experience truly stands out. Also, all the visitors to the ice cave can experience a 30-minute workshop. In the workshop, you and your friends or family will be taken to a sauna site that has a temperature of 60 degree-celsius and also to the ice cave which is too cold (around -17). More to enjoy and relax is the cold pool and geothermal hot spring.

The Tram Ride

We know that you might already know what a tram is. However, not everyone knows what a tram is. Especially, the tram rail network of Melbourne is unbelievably immense. The great thing about it is the free ride you get for a greater part of the network – if you travel within the city.

The city centre is the place from where the tram network stretches out to everywhere the tram goes. It’s also practical for you to travel via tram if the goal is to visit attractions within the city and inner suburbs.

Also, the Route 96 of the Tram is a worthwhile experience, as the route stretches from St Kilda to East Brunswick – going along Bourke Street in the city.

The Adelphi Hotel Rooftop Pool

One of the most photographed pools in Melbourne is the Adelphi Hotel rooftop pool. The cool feature of the pool is that it has a glass-bottomed section from where you can see everything down the top ceiling.

To enjoy a cool swimming experience at this pool, you do not have to stay at the hotel. However, there’s a fee you pay to get access to the pool. So just grab a beach towel, and enjoy the awesome glass-ceiling views at the Adelphi Hotel rooftop.