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Types of HVAC Noises and What They Mean

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Modern HVAC machines are inaudible compared to their predecessors. This is due to the noise-dampening technology, which suppresses the sounds made by parts of the AC. Therefore if you hear unusual sounds made by the air conditioner, don’t ignore them. The sounds could indicate a repair is required, or you may even need to replace the machine. Below are a few noises made by an HVAC system and what they mean.

Humming Sound

Humming indicates a minor issue has surfaced in your AC system. This sound can be due to vibrations caused by loose parts and refrigerant piping. Humming noise can also indicate electrical problems. If the compressors hums and the cooler does not start, it means that the motor is not working. Humming can also mean that there are loose wires in the system. The best way to deal with this situation is to contact a maintenance company to tighten the loose parts and work on the wiring.

Rattling Sound

Rattling noises indicate that the HVAC machine is degenerating. This may be due to leaves and twigs clogging the system, thus causing the rattling sound. The electrical contractor in the system also makes this sound and, if not repaired, can damage components like compressors. The HVAC parts can also be loose, therefore producing this sound. To fix this situation, be on the look for loose screws and bolts in the HVAC casing. You can also change the filter and clean the condenser coils.

Screaming Sound


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If you hear a screaming noise, switch off the air conditioner, and immediately call an expert. The main cause of this sound is leaking refrigerant. This not only damages the cooling system but also threatens the health of your loved ones. To avoid this situation, purchase a machine that has a sensor. The sensor immediately shuts down the AC when the refrigerants start to leak.

Clicking Sounds

During the switching on and the shutting down of an air conditioner, clicking is a regular thing. However, the constant clicking of an air conditioner may indicate defective controls or a malfunctioning thermostat. This noise can also indicate an electrical issue, which calls for you to contact a service professional to run a diagnostic on the machine and fix the problem. An old cranky air purifier creates discomfort.

When an air purifier is not working efficiently, dust can accumulate, and the air being pumped in the house is unhealthy. It is best to fit a new purifier if possible and ensure you are keen on the sounds that the system produces. You can also engage experts such as Stroop’s Accurate Refrigeration for assistance.

Banging Sound

This sound is the easiest to decipher. It merely means that your AC system has a broken part such as the connecting rod, crankshaft, or a piston. Banging sounds can also come from an unstable blower. A worn-out compressor makes this sound and needs to be replaced.

It is advisable to switch off an air conditioner when it makes funny noises. A thorough inspection should be made to identify the cause of these noises. The main sounds to be keen on are screaming sounds and rattling sounds, which indicate that the Air conditioner has a broken part or the refrigerant is leaking.

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