Ultimate Guide to App Advertising: Tools, Insights and Tips to Empower Mobile Marketing


It is a very sad, but quite common situation when a company or brand has hired a developer and issued their own application, but after several weeks the number of loadings is hardly more than something like 50. The problem is also about your clients’ not having an idea that you have an app and continue writing and calling you. The number of funds you have invested can lead to serious depression. Let’s think about how to avoid such a situation and succeed in the market.

How to earn a megabuck on your app

The secret is simple: the more people know about it, the more loadings you get, the bigger your income becomes. At least, it should be often seen on the pages with search results or on top on Play Market or AppStore. What you can do for it?

Tell about your app before release

Use social media to heat your audience. You can publish not only announcement but a screenshot of future app, opinion polls to know what people would like to have in your programme etc. In general, you should create a community around your app to have an interested audience that will be looking forward to meeting with it.
Tell about your app before release


The process of tuning is quite expensive itself, but the target audience can tell you better what is wrong and makes it inconvenient to use your product. Of course, you should offer something in exchange for the job people do for you. For example, it can be free access for a month to some paid functions or premium version.


Simplicity and functionality are key things you should think when creating your app. All these “beauty” effects are fine, but if they don’t distract from main features. You can’t win your clients by offering cool design, but low functionality.

Think about your icon. Minimalistic design is unlikely to tell a lot about you, think about how you can correct it: make it stylish and speaking.

Pay attention to description

Pay attention to description
Main concept in the main page is that a person should understand what he or she is about to load and which differences from computer version are to be. Have a look at descriptions of Google Keep and Evernote. In case you feel your description should be long – divide it into several understandable blocks, so it could be convenient to open necessary part immediately.

When you have released it

Your audience is tempting to get a new and polished product, but your task is to make them interested in the app after getting it.


Apply to popular blog or websites to review your programme. Generally, such publications contain screenshots, faults, benefits and features and more valuable than descriptions in the stores.
Be ready to pay for it, however, in case your programme has already obtained some popularity, it can be even done for free.

Integrate your app with social networks

Let people share their achievements, funny moments from your app in their social profiles. Again, be ready to offer something in return like extra function or skill for such a job.


Of course, it is the oldest and the most proven way to tell other audiences that you exist. Key secret here is to get people interested in you: contextual advertising networks or native ad network will be probably the best.

Spend some time for research which RTB advertising platform will be your suit to make the reach as personal as possible.


As far as you can see, nothing finishes when your product was released. You have to be always in touch with your audience and competitors to offer high-performance service and up-to-date solutions. Be passionate about your work and attentive to your client’s needs.