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Understand CBD Oil and the Benefits of Using It

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During recent years, CBD has emerged as one of the most popular non-pharmacologic treatments in the world of Cannabis. People have used CBD and CBD Oil for relief from multiple ailments without using any pharmaceutical drugs, and this convenience and non-psychoactive nature of CBD has made it a good option in the wellness industry.

Read on as we take a closer look at what CBD Oil and the various benefits it has to offer.

CBD Oil: What is it?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the several chemical ingredients occurring in Cannabis. It is obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant and then mixed with coconut oil or some other neutral oil. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the other ingredient in Cannabis, which is responsible for the euphoria and psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. On the contrary, CBD is not psychoactive and bears no intoxicating effects when consumed.

How Does It Work?

CBD Oil works by acting on the naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the human nervous system. These receptors include two main types: CB1 and CB2. Both of these receptor subtypes are involved in a range of processes in the human body, including but not limited to pain sensation, mood, memory, inflammatory response, etc. CBD binds these receptors to induce the production of endocannabinoids, which are the body’s natural cannabinoid substances.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD can stay in the circulation for 2-8 hours and might be detectable in the blood for days or weeks owing to its storage inside the fat cells of the body. Factors like body weight and increased BMI, frequency, dosage, and method of intake determine the amount of time CBD remains present and detectable in the human circulation.

Benefits of CBD Oil
Treatment of Epilepsy

Although it has been a recent development, the US FDA has recognized that CBD Oil is effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in epileptic patients. A 2016 research performed on more than 200 participants saw a decrease in the number of fits each day with the use of CBD Oil. Epidiolex, a medication containing CBD as an active ingredient, has been recently approved by the FDA.


Management of Anxiety

While THC can provoke anxiety, CBD can provide anxiety relief in patients. CBD decreases anxiety and stress in users, with a marked decrease in the physical manifestations of anxiety, like raised heart rate, improvement of sleep in cases of anxiety-related insomnia, OCD, PTSD, etc.

Pain-Relief & Battling Inflammation

THC-Free CBD Oil is highly useful for the treatment of chronic pain conditions in patients. This effect has been helpful in patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Aside from its typical pain-relieving role, CBD Oil also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the pain associated with inflammatory disorders like Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Spinal injuries, etc.

Fighting Cancer

Research has shown that CBD Oil is effective at reducing the spread of some types of cancer in the human body. It modulates the response of the human body to cancer chemotherapy, making the cancer cells more susceptible to the treatment. It may also halt the growth of these cells, making sure that they do not recur once treated.

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