Vastu Tips that Brings Desired Prosperity to Your Home


Vastu Shastra is a science that is highly practised from ages for better living. Every corner of the house has energy which can influence the whole family. As in modern buildings and apartments, accurate Vastu is not possible, there are few correctional remedies by which you can change the placements for the better. You can live a healthy and prosperous life by living in a house designed as per the Vastu principles. Problems are part of life but by following the Vastu Remedies you can minimize its effects.

Vastu Tips to Draw Positive Energies to Your House:
  • Entrance: As per Vastu Shastra there must be nameplate on the door of the house. The logic behind it is, everything enters the house will come to the owner of the house, including all the positive energy. If your doors are completely empty, you can keep Ganesha’s picture as God Ganesha is a symbol of prosperity and pull the energy in the house.
  • The fire has cosmic power as it is one of the five elements of the earth. Lighting the essence stick and diyas helps to expand the positive energies and completely ends up the effect of negative energy at your home.
  • Most of us design our living room with wonderful pictures and posters, ensure that the pictures are not related to wars or any dark scene. The negative energy is attracted to these images, thus disturbing the peace of your house. In family, a small issue can become a whole huge problem due to the essence of negative things in the house.
  • Tinkling metals and bells at the entrance or the windows are considered to be auspicious. The sweet sound of tinkling is said to destroy the negative energy construction. Thus, incoming negative energies will get shatter and you will find peace in your house. This method in Chinese tradition is called Feng Shui where they have plastic wind chimes.
  • A kitchen is a place where the bad energies affect your health so special attention must be given to this place of your house. Build your kitchen in the southeast corner of the house. Your kitchen must be placed away from the bedroom or bathroom. Make sure you do not put your medicine in the kitchen, as it directly affects the health.
  • The bedroom of the house must be in the southwest direction. Paint your bedroom with all the bright colours as it has an immense impact on your mood. If you are married use single bedding for your bed. The wife must sleep on the left side of the husband. Never place the mirror inside your bedroom, if that is not possible, keep the mirror away from the bed.
  • Any kind of water leakage in your bathroom directly reflects on your wallet so make sure it is tight all the time. The stress may also increase if the bathroom is not clean. If possible, place the bathroom in the northwest or north direction.
  • The study room or the working room must be in the west direction as this zone keeps you composed and calm and allows you to focus on your work. You can also use the northwest zone for the same. Select bright colours and soothing light to enhance your knowledge. Also, avoid keeping the bathroom inside your study. You can place the clock on the north wall for getting better results.
  • Yagna and puja are done to keep the house free from Vastu dosh. Locate your puja room in the north-east direction of the house and never place it in the south direction. Generally, puja can remove negative energies from the house and also clears the atmosphere of your home.
  • The garden of the house must be placed in the north and ensure that you place a tulsi planter in the north direction. It is not advisable to grow plants like thorny plants and cactus. You can also keep a small water fountain, this may bring wealth to your home. You can keep the sitting area in the north without shade. The parking area must be in the south-east of the plot.

Our house has a great impact on our lives as we spend most of the time at our house. If there is a positive energy in each and every corner of the house, this can make a huge difference in the personal life of all the family members. There are many people who blame the place to bring bad luck, the fact is that, as many homeowners do not follow the Vastu Shastra principles, the home cannot be beneficial to anyone. So, if you want to have a prosperous and peaceful life, the above-given tips are more than advantageous for you.