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Ways to Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

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The impressions of people when they visit your home for the first time matters a lot. For example, if you have beautiful carpets and rugs that are well maintained at all times through cleaning, the impressions on your visitors will be great. In addition, cleaning them leaves your surrounding looking tidy, welcoming as well as comfortable and your image gets greatly enhanced.

However, no matter how much you want to maintain the cleanliness of your rugs and carpets, you won’t miss spills and drops as long as the carpets and rugs are used. This calls for some time out of your busy life to clean them. You can keep the rugs and carpets clean by handling the problem areas like a pro using Portable carpet cleaner. Below are some other tips which you can follow to clean your carpet and rugs.

Don’t wait for spills to dry.

Don’t wait for spills to dry
This is one of the easiest ways to keep your carpets and rugs spotless. It also saves you time since you are not letting the spills to get absorbed into the carpets. If you clean after the spills have dried, you will find it hard to get the residue from the carpets. Immediately the spills or drops land on the carpet, dry them using a clean dry cloth. One method is to spill some baking powder over the area that has been affected and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then clean with a vacuum cleaner. If what had spilled on the carpet was a drink with color, use a baking soda instead of baking powder.

Vacuum the carpets and rugs on a regular basis

Vacuum the carpets and rugs on a regular basis
If you have pets, kids, or you stay with relatives in your home, it is advisable to vacuum the carpets more often. This will especially apply to carpets and rugs that have been placed in high traffic areas like hallways, living room, etc. In this case, vacuuming 4 times a week is great. You want to remove dust, hair, and dander in order to keep your home clean and free from allergies and germs that these materials may cause.

Remove strong odors by use of white vinegar

Sometimes no matter how much you clean your carpets and rugs, there is always that unpleasant smell that leaves you feeling uncomfortable. If you try to open all the windows and doors to allow in more air, the smell resumes after they have been closed. You can easily deal with these smells and stubborn stains by use of white vinegar. All you have to do is spray vinegar on the stain or on the whole carpet after you have soaked the carpet using a towel if you are not sure of the exact place the bad odor is emanating from. Make sure there is enough ventilation during the whole process. Use more towels if you have sprayed on the entire carpet and allow the towels to soak that liquid for a few more hours.

Be open to cleaning solutions

Elevated View Of Male Janitor Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner At Home
No matter how much you want to keep your carpets clean, if the area of the floor that is not carpeted is not clean and contains dust and other kinds of dirt, your carpet will easily get dirty. The dirt will be stepped on and carried to the carpet. To avoid this, invest in the good mops that can clean the floors well without leaving dust and every other kind of dirt. Granted, there is a mopping solution you can implement around your home


Start by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. This will help get rid of stubborn stains and spills before you shampoo it. Use the recommended detergent and let the task begin. Do not be in a hurry to shampoo the carpet, you want the best results. After you are through, you may find the carpets too dump. In that case, leaving it to dry up to 24hours is advisable.

Prevent messes

Cleaning the carpets on a regular basis is not always fun. However, you can prevent the dirt from building up on the carpet fast by removing shoes and encouraging everyone else to do so before stepping on the carpets. Shoes carry a lot of dirt and removing them is one way of keeping the carpet clean. In addition, you can train your pets so that they don’t litter the carpet with stuff that may get it dirty. You can place their food or things to play within a floor that you can easily mop when they spill.


You can easily keep your carpet and rugs clean. Though cleaning the floors and the carpets are never enjoyable since exhaustion creeps in at the end, some of these tips provided here can save you a couple of minutes and still get your work done.
You realize that most people tend to give attention to major and conspicuously visible areas of their homes and undermine items such as rugs yet they can badly dent your image. Take good care of even where you place them to dry

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