8 Things Every Bride Should Never Worry About During Her Wedding Day

8 THINGS EVERY BRIDE SHOULD NEVER WORRY ABOUT DURING HER WEDDING DAY A wedding marks the beginning of a couple’s new life. For brides, it is the day when they finally exchange a life-long promise to stay with their significant other in sickness and in health, for better or for

Avoid the Common Wedding Reception Mistakes That Leave Your Guests Grumbling

AVOID THE COMMON WEDDING RECEPTION MISTAKES THAT LEAVE YOUR GUESTS GRUMBLING No, don’t get us wrong by reading the title of the post because weddings are indeed a beautiful thing as they’re a celebration of happiness and love. However, for a guest who is attending a wedding party, things can

5 Cool Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal For Your Big Day

5 COOL WEDDING IDEAS YOU’LL WANT TO STEAL FOR YOUR BIG DAY Wedding season is coming up, and couples everywhere are figuring out the finishing touches that will make their big day epic. Planning a wedding is a time consuming process and often couples think initially only about the basics

Chinese Traditional Wedding Gift

Wedding is one of the most important times for every people. It means that you will live with your dear from then on. The happy atmosphere can move your family members and friends to a great degree. The traditional etiquette also plays an essential role in a perfect wedding and

The History of Engagement Rings and Their Trends

THE HISTORY OF ENGAGEMENT RINGS AND THEIR TRENDS The origin of the engagement ring dates back to the 15th century. In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria had a ring made for his beloved Mary of Burgundy and, since then, we have continued this as a tradition for over 500 years.

The Latest Wedding Dress Trends

THE LATEST WEDDING DRESS TRENDS Wedding dress trends are always changing and evolving. In this day and age, brides are finding new ways to add their own personality and flair to their big day events. Some are choosing to wear more than one dress, transforming their look after walking down

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Unlike others, you already know what type of wedding you want. You do not want an indoor ceremony. The last thing you want is to limit the number of guests or waste your time hunting down a large venue. What you want is a gorgeous, glamorous outdoor wedding. And why