What are the best hedges for gardens?

When planning the construction and decoration of a garden it is important to take into account the materials with which you will delimit it. As a rule, there are many landscape architects using hedges for gardens.

These can take luxuriant forms and still have flowers. However, this is a long-term option, and for those who need a delimitation in the immediate future, there will be other options.

Benefits of hedges for gardens

The hedges for gardens, in addition to giving a very pleasant look to a garden, also have other benefits. Among them, the possibility of giving privacy to the space, without the need to use building materials or fences. For days of garden use, hedges also protect against the wind and eliminate some of the noise from outside. On the other hand, it is possible this preserving the environment and the natural ecosystems of the gardens.

Hedges: the best materials and plants

Depending on the type of hedge you want to have (to delimit space or tall hedges to provide privacy), there are several possibilities. In fact, there are many plants that can be used as hedges. In this article, we will talk only about some of them.

Hedges on Plat:

  • Thuja plicata: it is a wood-based plant, reseming itself as an average tree. This is a hedge that grows by planting several times, along a row. It will be best suited to line large paths or gardens.
  • Lusitanian Prunus: this is a plant, shrub type, naturally found in Portugal and that, for this reason, gets along very well with our soil and climate. Its leaves are similar to the “laurel” and make a kind of hedge easy to care for.
  • Viburnum tinus: for those who want to have a hedge adorned with flowers,this will be the ideal plant. In addition to doing very well in the Mediterranean climate it is also so common that it can be a good investment in the short term.

Artificial hedges

Hedges for artificial gardens can be a good option while natural hedges are expected to grow. This is an effective way to achieve the delimitation of space and privacy in the shortest possible time. However, these may not be as leafy and vivid – somehow it will also vary depending on the budget allocated to an artificial hedge, as there is a lot of choice in the market.


Finally, fences can also give privacy to the garden. It is possible to make parts of the garden in the hedge and other parts in fences. Planting a hedge can also depend heavily on the land and maintenance space, so fences can end up being a better solution for your garden.