What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone For Young Men Without Steroids

Low production of testosterone is a common male problem, Doctors has realized that decreasing estrogen and progesterone hormone will cause diseases for women and diminishing testosterone could also risk men’s health. Men, as they age their sex problems also occur. Such as poor performance sex drive, Men that have low production of testosterone by exercising alone will never be enough to raise their levels. Natural and Herbal treatment can be faster and would give a better result.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Fatigue: Symptoms like this is a feeling that easily gets drained, In other words, just by doing some slight physical activity they easily become tired. And with that, they have to put more effort to meet the normal energy needed.

Low sex drive and impotence: sexual interaction becomes dull and lack of interest, their activity becomes seldom than usual. An average sexual activity for men in their 20s usually around three to four times a week. But when a man ages, their interest becomes less frequent.

Loss of lean muscles-  Men are estimated to lose about 10 per cent of their muscle in each decade, in that matter if a man reaches the 60s, he most likely lose his 40 per cent of lean muscles. If so it will be risky for him to gain weight and fats. His risk of osteoporosis will increase as well. If he has a low testosterone level he is at risk to have high blood sugar, cholesterol level, and fibrinogen level.

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How Low Does Testosterone Have to be for Treatment

Since the common issue of men is low testosterone it will be advisable for them to have their testosterone test in their 30s in this way they can indicate for necessary treatment. And to every man that is planning to have themselves treated with TRT bare in mind that you have to undergo a test for physical medical history and blood testing as well as PSA test. This will ensure that your cells have no active cancer cells in the long run of therapy.