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What is Considered a Low-Traffic Website?

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Every website boasts several users who visit once or frequently. Website quality gets determined by the number of sessions and visitors. In turn, the visitors influence the effectiveness of online business. Just launching a site doesn’t mean you’ll get visitors automatically. It’s like planning a party and expecting people to show up without sending a single invitation.

Tips to Attract New Visitors to Your Low-Traffic Website

A low-traffic website has very few sessions. According to Google Analytics support forum contributors, a website with less than 30% returning visits makes a low traffic website. But the good news is that you can boost a low-traffic website. Let’s find out how in the discussion below.

Buying Website Traffic

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Sometimes it becomes difficult to drag traffic on a website or predict its scale. This is one of the primary reasons a website owner opts to buy website traffic to increase visitors. Yet, paid traffic is risky and can land you into trouble with advertisers. Worse off, your website can get banned by Google.

So, make sure you understand which traffic is safe before placing your money on it. Although purchasing safe traffic numbers is puzzling, you can buy India website traffic for the best results. This is a fast method of acquiring new traffic as your website becomes more exposed and popular.

Get Social

Over 50% of the world’s population spend their time on social media pages. This makes social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram perfect to market your content. If you boast good content, your followers automatically like your posts and share them with their friends. As more visitors follow your page, you end up with increased traffic.

For the best possible results in terms of social media advertising, you should:

  • Get proactive
  • Post visible and high-quality images with grand descriptions
  • Answer all your audience queries with professionalism
Write Engaging Content

Everyone loves interesting content. It’s informative, entertaining, and easy to share. In turn, it builds trust, which is essential for growing the number of visitors to your site. Content created with the purpose of educating accomplishes the same goal since it proves you’re an expert in your field. Finally, creating content that inspires also resonates with people and urges them to share it further.

Upgrade Your Website Design and Loading Speed

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The reason you have low traffic could be because of your poor website design and low loading speed. First off, ensure that you invest in an attractive website that’s easy to navigate, with clear images and proper descriptions. If your site is slow and old, hire a professional web designer to upgrade it and improve its speed. A good combination of speed and intuitive design will make your visitors want to click around the site and check out more of your content.

Create Podcasts

Podcasts are more popular than ever, and many people are listening to them. Because of this, they have become one of the hottest modern-day marketing techniques. Although creating a podcast is tough, it can win your website great organic traffic. Make sure you stay on topic and don’t wander off too much. Focus on your target audience, invite experts to keep your podcasts relevant, and watch your followers grow! 


Low website traffic is not a death sentence. The number of people using the internet was at 4.66 billion in January, and it keeps growing. Your target audience is definitely out there, you just need to find it. By utilizing the tips we’ve mentioned here, you’ll be able to expand your reach and attract some new regulars to your website.


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