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What is Trending in Wall Art & Decor in 2021

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2021 is a year of possibilities, even in the world of interior design. Most people have spent more time in their homes over the past year, and they too could stand a shift, especially after staring at the same walls, day after day. Want to harness the energy of the new year in your space with a fresh perspective? These 2021 trends in home décor and wall art may be all the change you need.

Bold and Beautiful

Have muted watercolour prints left you feeling washed out? Mix things up in your room with vibrant, abstract acrylic wall art. With splashes of colour and broad brushstrokes for texture, these abstracts can set the tone and define your room. Take some time looking at abstract art in galleries or online to see what speaks to you and what you will enjoy on your own wall.

Large and in Charge

Composed gallery walls, with an assortment of smaller pieces or collectibles clustered together, are sure to stay in style, but this year is setting its sights on oversized wall art to make a statement. These sizable works of art can make the most out of a blank wall, and they work especially well in rooms with high ceiling to provide a focal point and spark a conversation.

Linear and Defined

What if you scale back from intricate or busy patterns or paintings with the simplicity of a line drawing? Graphic art pieces have embraced the minimalistic attraction of line drawings, mimicking classic techniques and artisan style. Whether you consider portraiture, still life, or abstract, you are bound to find a favorite to breathe new life into your décor.

Contrasting and Coordinating

2021 is a year of contrasts, and you can use that inspiration to dress up your walls. If black and white is too stark for your taste, why not mix and match your design styles? Traditional florals, for example, can pair with mid-century modern for a new flavor that has been affectionately dubbed “granny chic.” Take it a step further with a floral-patterned wallpaper for elegance with a touch of kitsch.

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Textured and Dramatic

One of the reasons that abstracts work so well in most any space is that they provide texture and movement in a way that is not as clear-cut. Take a page from that playbook by inviting texture in other ways to elevate the sophistication of your style. Consider layering fabrics or adding dimensional art or wallpaper to boost drama and elegance.

Modern and Coastal

Coastal living is a motif that continues to stay strong in interior design. Consider incorporating California wall art to complete a room with soft shades of tan, blue, teal, and green. It can blend in the outside elements to bring a sense of serenity to your space.

With wall art, the options are endless, but you may find these 2021 trends just the ticket to freshen up your home or office. Even a minor tweak in your décor can work wonders for giving you more motivation and creativity. It never hurts to consult with a designer for more artsy ideas to update your space without undergoing a major remodel.

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