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What The Different Gemstones Are Said To Symbolise

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Many jewellery companies will tell you that diamonds symbolise love. However, this is a relatively new concept. For thousands of years, precious gemstones symbolised many things. Whether you are interested in purchasing some jewellery or you are interested to know what the jewellery you wear supposedly represents, below are some of the symbology attributed to the various gemstones. 

The Meaning Of Diamonds

The diamond companies have marketed their precious gems as a symbol of love and eternity, which is how many people see these beautiful gems. A beautiful pink diamond wedding ring is a symbol of love between couples. There are lots of beautiful meanings that you can attribute to these precious stones. Ancient people believed that diamonds could help absorb poison and amplify the person’s thoughts wearing them, and they were also thought to give the wearer strength and energy. 

One thing is certain, gemstones would further enhance the beauty of your jewellery and would show that the piece is something that the wearer values. These pieces, if authentic and crafted by a reputable jeweller, would last a lifetime and would even increase in value if maintained well. So, if you’ve been meaning to buy a pink diamond ring, especially Argyle ones, only get one from a store that’s already established.

The Meaning Of Rubies

Rubies can be striking in appearance when you have a beautiful dark red gem, and these popular gemstones have long been attributed to having specific properties. Over the years, the ruby has represented nobility, passion, and purity, and they are a popular gem for jewellery throughout the world. If you are a passionate person, rubies may be an excellent choice when looking for some exquisite jewellery to buy.

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The Meaning Of Sapphires

Sapphires are another beautiful gem that can have intense colour and look fantastic when worn in jewellery. Sapphires were said to give the wearer the gifts of joy, prosperity, and fulfilment, and they were also said to promote good health. They were called a symbol of the heavens and could preserve chastity, bestow truth, and be a guardian of innocence. Whatever the sapphire represents, they are a fantastic gem that can make exquisite jewellery, making the wearer feel confident, which is a good enough reason to wear them.

The Meaning Of Emeralds

Emeralds have been said to be a symbol of love and truth, and they were the gemstone of the goddess Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Emeralds have long been said to be the gemstone of intuition; it can give the wearer the ability to foresee future events and to be able to see truths amongst lies. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but a beautiful emerald necklace will look good no matter who is wearing it.

The Meaning Of Amethyst

Amethyst is said to be a calming gemstone and the bringer of peace for those that adorn themselves with these beautiful gems. It is said to give the person wearing it soothing dreams and give them a sense of clarity and peacefulness. They have also been used to help heal wounds, as the gems were said to be a similar colour to Christ’s wounds on the cross.

The Meaning Of Pearl

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Over the years, pearls have been said to have many meanings symbolising many things, but today’s most popular one is that they represent purity and loyalty in the person wearing them. It has also been said that they can attract wealth and good luck, have a calming effect and offer protection.

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