What You Need to Know Before Your First Trip to Mexico


Mexico is a lovely North American country with its location just south of the United States of America. It’s a Spanish-speaking country with Latin American history and culture. According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world. So, you can be sure that there’s a lot to enjoy if you visit this country.

If you are planning your first trip to Mexico, this article will tell you all that you need to know.

Organizing Your Trip to Mexico

Mexico is a Spanish speaking country, so you might need some mobile apps that will help you translate the local language and get around the country. You can start learning some basic Spanish phrases and greetings through apps like Duolingo. Ensure your passport is valid and get a visa from the Mexican embassy in your country before you travel to Mexico. Your ATM cards will work in most locations.

If you want to avoid crowds, then you can organize your trip away from the peak tourism periods of December and the mid-Summer. It’s advisable to make your hotel reservations ahead with the aid of a mobile app. You can book your airfare and hotel for the first few nights and leave the rest for later if you want a flexible itinerary.
Organizing Your Trip to Mexico
Buy a tourist guide before visiting. Some tourist guides are also available as mobile apps.

What to Eat in Mexico

Mexico offers a variety of delicious food. Enjoy Enchiladas with tasajo beef. Enjoy pear, quince, psidium cajeta, and other desserts. Enjoy mole sauce, entomatada, pechuga adobada, huevos rancheros, pan de muerto, barbacoa, mixiotes, carnitas, and chiles en ogada. More so, street food in Mexico include tacos, burritos, tortillas, torta, chili peppers, tamale, al pastor, pambazos, huaranches, quesadillas, and chapuli. Also, enjoy other street treats like atolee, raspados, tostilocos, and bionicos.

Mexico has various indigenous beverages. They include the all-time famous tequila, tejuino, aquas frescas, tepache, horchata, pozol, hibiscus iced tea, café de olla, champurrado, pulque, aguardiente, mezcal, cointreau, rompope, sangria sensorial.

Tantalize your senses by visiting one of the many food and drink festivals, including the International Pastry Festival in Real del Monte, the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival and the Night of the Radishes.

Apps can help you find the best restaurants in and around Mexican cities.

Places to Visit in Mexico

If you love history, you can visit the numerous remains of the Aztec civilization, Mayan civilization, ancient pyramids, the Mesoamerican ruins, and other archaeological sites. You can also enjoy the various cultural festivals and colonial cities like Morelia with historical architecture. Visit The Castle of Chichen-Itza which is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The resort town of Cancun and other surrounding areas is home to several public beaches. Enjoy cliff diving on the Pacific coast in Acapulco and sports fishing in the Baja Peninsula. Explore underground rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula, explore canyons on the Copper Canyon Railroad. Visit Oaxaca with a tour guide, and watch indigenous people making crafts like pottery, carvings, and rugs.

Now, let’s talk about Guadalajara. Enjoy cowboy tradition, mariachi music, and the best tequila. This location is a heady mix of tradition and modernism. It is home to several theatres, shopping malls, arenas, museums, and art galleries. Guadalajara also hosts several international events like the Guadalajara International Book Fair which is the second-largest book fair in the world.
Places to Visit in Mexico
If you are a lover of nature, places to visit include the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Isla Mujeres, Pinacate Peaks, Durango, Real de Catorce, Barranca del Cobre and the Gulf of California.
No matter how you decide to spend your trip in Mexico, some apps will prove helpful to you. These apps will help you plan your trip, organize the documents you need, show you interesting places to visit and help you with several other things. Check the link below to see these apps:

Useful apps for your first trip to Mexico

In conclusion, Mexico is a fascinating country to visit with tons of things to do and places to visit. The recommended apps here should help you ease into your vacation seamlessly.