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Why is it Important to Fence a property?

Fencing a home protects it from wild animals and intruders by providing a barrier against loud neighbours. It also ensures the privacy of the property within the compound. A properly built fence requires enough time when put up and learning some basics before starting up the project.

Importance of fencing

Homes security

Setting up a good fence helps to prevent outsiders from prying eyes and also blocks them from gaining access to the compound uninvited. For areas that are well known for having high levels of crime, fencing helps in ensuring the property is well protected by putting an electric fence on. Also, in those areas known to be near wilds animals surrounding protects their property from animal damage by having a fence around their homestead.

Home Privacy

Fences separate homes from the outside world which can be easily reached with the use of high fencing. 

Creates sound barriers

Those communities near major highways or busy neighbours or those around train trucks benefit from creating a superior fence that greatly prevents the amount of sound that reaches the home.

Protects the landscaping

Rail fence design protects the land in areas that are known to have high winds and heavy driving rains.

Protects kids and pets

A properly built fence offers family protection by keeping your children safe when playing around the swimming pool by having a pool fence around it. Also keeps away the loose neighbourhood pets.

What are the different types of fences?

There are different types of fencing available in the market that differ in their durability, appearance, and level of maintenance. They are as follows:

Wooden fence

Depending on the type of wood, it’s less likely to require replacement and it also requires less maintenance.

chain-linked fence

the process of installation is usually quick and easy. they are mostly used in construction areas due to their low prices and the nature of their maintenance which is less costly

Brick wall fence

It builds privacy and brings security to the building. It is durable and long-lasting. It’s suitable for fire and weather resistance. one major disadvantage of this type of fence is difficult to relocate.

Stone wall fence

This is a classy fencing type that has a good look. This type of fence does not require painting therefore they last for long. it reduces land portion due to the larger width needed.

Barbed wire fence

Usually used in protecting livestock away from home area. It’s the cheapest and also easy to install. It can be replaced and also can withstand all weather conditions

Bamboo fence

They are the best for covering an existing wall. this type of fence panel is mostly partitioned to create privacy between two properties. it gives a natural look and has a beautiful shaded pattern. It’s durable in mostly dry places.

Electric fence

This type of fence is created to shock the trespassers when they try to access a restricted area.

Living fence

This one is best for nature lovers who wish to decorate their yards with trees. This acts as a natural fence and it gives beauty to your home. it is maintained by watering and pruning at intervals.

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Vinyl fence

It is durable and requires low maintenance and also offers privacy protection. They are suitable for all climate conditions. It is affordable and can last for a long if kept away from fire. This type of fence has different various types of designs.

Precast concrete fence

They are less expensive than wood fences. They are also fast and easy to install. They are fireproof and also difficult to break. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

What are the factors to consider when putting up a fence?

There are many different types of fencing options but not all are suitable for you. The factor outlined below helps in choosing the suitable fencing:


Security and privacy are the main concern. In a case whereby someone lives in a gated community, security is not required, therefore one can use a fence to beautify their surroundings.


One needs to plan on the amount needed without being burdened with the choice of the fence.


The places where bad weather conditions it’s good to choose the best fencing materials that help it survive for a long.

Maintenance cost

Some fences require good maintenance like cleaning and painting hence need to consider the cost by going for a cheaper one.

Local availability

Availability of the fencing materials within the area makes it cheaper for easy transportation and hence efficient for the cost incurred.

What are the steps on how to build a fence?

Property lines and building codes -it’s necessary to check and mark your boundary to know where exactly to place your fencing. It is also good to research official codes to determine certain features of the fence such as style and height.

Type of a fence – you can know which one to place after researching the code and property line.

Measuring and marking the layout -It entails measuring the fence line to determine the number of panels and fence posts needed.

Digging holes and setting posts -fence posts need to be put in place before the construction of the fence.


A fence is the first thing one notices as they approach your home and if you require it for property protection or a decorative piece. Fencing is also a home improvement that provides much comfort in the living space. We have known different types of fences which we can choose and install for our homes. We’ve also understood the type and style of fences that will enhance our landscape. one can use a combination of one or more options to come up with a creative fencing style. It’s also important to wisely select the type of fence according to the altitude and weather conditions of your area.

In most populated areas where land is costly, there is limited land as margins, which when fencing the place reduces the land available for use. For a properly built fence, one has to think.

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