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Why You Need to Use Tenant Surveys

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Nowadays, most businesses prioritize customer feedback and make it easy for people to leave reviews about their experiences. Feedback, whether positive or negative, can help a business constructively understand their performance. How they measure up to customer expectations. The same is true when it comes to property managers and tenants.

All too often, it is easy for tenants to feel like a number, especially when they have no interaction or communication with their property managers. Customer satisfaction starts with productive interactions and an inherent sense of valued dialogue. To meet tenant expectations, it is important to understand why landlords and property managers need to use tenant surveys.

Gain focus

Surveys help landlords and property managers identify where they need to focus. Learning directly from tenants about the best areas to spend resources, time, effort, and funding will ensure that the right initiatives and action plans are implemented in order to improve tenant satisfaction.
Gain focus
Take advantage of an online survey tool to create a customized questionnaire. Survey King is a free online platform ideal for market research and customer satisfaction. With professional templates that can be targeted toward specific audiences and information, Survey King turns responses and data into thorough reports to analyze results. From multiple choice to open text format, surveys can be completed on mobile devices, computers, or tablets, at the convenience and liking of tenants.

Retain good tenants

No property manager wants to have vacant properties on their hands. The longer the lease a tenant is willing to sign, the less cost of tenant turnover rate and stress over finding new and trustworthy renters. Property managers who take the initiative to engage with current tenants and ask for feedback have a stronger chance of renewing leases.

Finding the right tenants for a property can be tricky, but with turbotenant, the process is streamlined. Turbo Tenant is a free online property management tool that makes landlording a cinch. With their rental marketing, post a professional listing page across dozens of property listing websites across the web and see an average of 22 leads per rental.

Turbo Tenant has an extensive online rental application that thoroughly collects information to generate an interesting lead into a tenant in a timely manner. Free tenant screening generates information on criminal history, credit reports, and prior evictions, giving landlords the peace of mind that the right qualified candidate is rented to.

Improve reputation

Reputation can make or break any business, and the same holds true when it comes to rental properties. Tenants value having their feedback heard and considered, especially when it means enhanced living conditions. The more tenants feel valued, the more they will speak favourably of their property manager to friends, family, and colleagues, which quickly turns into a free word of mouth marketing. Developing a strong reputation will lead to increased business, networking, and new opportunities for growth.
Improve reputation

Show appreciation

Providing tenants with a platform to give feedback and voice any concerns is a way of showing appreciation. Property managers who show that they value and appreciate their tenants create a positive community and show that there is the opportunity for an open-dialogue relationship. This then further strengthens a tenant’s satisfaction with their living experience.

Keep in mind that surveys are meant to give tenants the opportunity to voice their opinions freely and without the worry of backlash. For this reason, responses need to remain anonymous in order to receive honest feedback. Tenants play a major role in the financial success of property management. By developing and maintaining priorities, the happier they are and the more business is generated.

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